Path to PRO

PRO is here to serve RWA members who are pursuing publication, but are still waiting for “the call” from an RWA®-recognized publisher. We’re a diverse bunch, with members from all sub-genres, who desire to encourage beginning writers by honoring their achievements as they persevere through a series of writing goals.

Benefits of PRO Membership

Besides developing the skills and fortitude necessary to becoming a publishing author, PRO members gain immediate benefits. At the RWA National Conference, PRO members enjoy the advanced PRO track workshops, a PRO Retreat, and are scheduled ahead of general attendees for editor and agent appointments.

PRO Stepping Stones

Along the path to publication are recognized stepping stones that guide an aspiring author. Goals such as plotting a manuscript, building character profiles, taking a class, joining a critique group, entering contests, completing the first draft, proofing for sensory details, completing the second draft, proofing for passive construction and, finally, submission. PRO members have a wealth of experience to share that will help beginning writers develop the know-how needed to move into the next phase of an author’s life — publishing.