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MEETING ON February 16, 2015 —

JULIE GLOVER and CHRISTINA DELAY — How to Craft a Compelling Novel with Brainstorming

Christina Delay     Julie Glover

How to Craft a Compelling Novel with Brainstorming: You’ve heard of beta-reading and critique groups, but your secret weapon is brainstorming. Use the group collective mind to unleash ideas and push you toward fresh choices in structure and characterization. Award-winning writers Christina Delay and Julie Glover show you how brainstorming circles work to turn story problems into tantalizing twists and powerful page turners. Participate in a brainstorming session and walk away with tools to harness brainstorming and take your novel from boring to compelling.

About the Speakers: Christina Delay is an obscure mythology enthusiast, Siren advocator, and Taco Bell addict. She loves all things re-fried and chocolate, not to be combined. Her favorite books have a strong heroine, kick-butt action scenes, and stick-to-your-ribs writing, the kind that won’t let go long after the last page is turned. Christina lives in the unofficial rainforest called Houston with her husband and daughter, a dog that thinks he’s a man, and a cat that thinks he’s a dog.

Christina is a finalist for her young adult novel, Nocturne, in both The Lonestar 2015 contest and The Rebecca 2015 contest. Her women’s fiction book, Twelve Years, won second place in the 2015 Golden Rose contest and is a finalist in the 2015 Indiana Golden Opportunity contest. You can find Christina at Readerlicious.com, where she gets to hang out with all the Readerlicious chicks and write about weird mythology nuances and creatures.

Julie Glover grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, Judy Blume, and every Nancy Drew book she could get her hands on. Although she’d always dreamed of writing a novel, she didn’t write her first book until Hurricane Ike pummeled the Houston Gulf Coast and made her house off limits. Sitting at the in-laws’ house with her laptop, she set her mind to achieving her dream and began to write.

These days, she pens teen fiction—indulging her desires to create interesting characters, express deep emotions, and add snark wherever possible. She lives with her heartthrob husband, two teenage sons, and a diva cat in Friendswood, Texas.

Her young adult contemporary novel, SHARING HUNTER, is a 2015 RWA® Golden Heart® finalist, placed first in the 2014 Utah RWA Great Beginnings Contest, and received second in the 2014 New Jersey RWA Put Your Heart in a Book Contest, YA categories


JACKIE LYLES — The Business of Writing: Collaborate! The secret to book sales and supporters

JackieLyles-photo    Jackie’s unusual approach to getting into the secret way to collaborate opens new and easier opportunities for increasing book sales and building your brand as an author.

Bio: Jackie collaborates with conversations to open situations and organizations to opportunity. As an advisor for TMCX (Texas Medical Center Accelerator), she works with global medical leaders to launch new technology. Known for collaborations that create systemic change, she launched the Episcopal Homeless Initiative with government agencies, foundations, nonprofits, hospital systems, and 1,500 volunteers to end homelessness for 500 people. This initiative changed how homelessness was addressed in 56 counties in Texas from feeding to housing. Her work with churches include capital campaigns including a recent project with Emory Beacon of Light and Emory Fellowship in Washington, DC for $5.6 million to ignite a movement to thrive and a church merger with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and Gethsemane Methodist Church in Houston.

Her clients include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Houston Endowment, Shell, ExxonMobil, and CenterPoint Energy. She has built a Collaborate Framework to certify leaders. (Rev. Mindy Lawrence with Unity joined our certification workshop in an earlier version as a Transformational Growth Leader.) Jackie and her clients’ collaborations have impacted more than $1 billion in increased revenues and funding over the past 15 years.

She co-founded Pantheon of Women Producers to give voice to women in movies. Pantheon’s first film, “I Dream Too Much” made its world premier at SXSW 2015.

Jackie has raised more than $14 million to support causes that she is passionate about, such as entrepreneurship, collaboration of nonprofits, and women’s issues. She served on Boards, such as the Texas Executive Women and St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. She was also recognized as one of top ten business leaders in Houston as the “Women on the Move” from Channel 13 KPRK, Houston Chronicle, and Texas Executive Women. She has a BS in Psychology from Texas A&M and an MBA with honors from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Her book, Transformational Growth was a bestseller.

She speaks globally and her clients’ results are written up in The Wall Street Journal, Houston Business Journal, and trade journals.

Here is a link to Jackie Lyles YouTube Channel and Linked in profile. She has been speaking at national conferences for more than 15 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kIeJE8hZAo  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackielyles


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