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Our August 19 speaker is JoAnn Robisheaux w/a Claire Sanders, presenting…

How I Learned to Show, Not Tell

How I Learned to Show, Not Tell – Beginning writers often struggle with the rule, “show, don’t tell.” JoAnn will show an author who has broken the rule and how to revise poor writing using the following strategies:  Include details that make the reader “see” the location; Engage the reader by showing the character’s emotions; Don’t settle for “telling” facts, “show” to give the reader a deeper understanding.

JoAnnRobisheauxTo create an interesting story, a writer needs to show not tell the reader about people,places, and things they are writing about. But learning how to “show, not tell” is often one of the most difficult challenges beginning writers face.  In this presentation, the participant will view scenes from a movie and translate how the action and dialogue give the viewer information about the characters and the plot.   Participants will then have an opportunity to develop actions and dialogue that will depict a character’s thoughts and personality.

After many years of writing and publishing in the nonfiction world of academia, Claire turned her energy, humor and creativity towards the production of compellingromantic fiction. Claire writes captivating stories that fit the genres of contemporary, historical, and inspirational romance. Claire creates heroes any woman would want to be with and heroines who overcome all obstacles to find love.Written with wit and tenderness, her stories engage the readers' hearts and imaginations. Readers will find themselves anxiously turning the pages to find out what happens next. Claire lives in the greater Houston area with her daughter and one well-loved dog. When she isn't writing, you'll find her cooking, gardening, and dreaming of places to travel.  SHADES OF GRACE, 2007 Golden Pen Winners – Inspirational – 2nd Place. FROM THE ASHES, Pelican Ventures Book Group-White Rose Publishing, February, 2014.

You can find Claire Sanders on Facebook and on her website: http://www.clairesandersbooks.com/


Be sure to come back on September 16 for a workshop by AnneMarie Novark on The Self-Publishing Experience.


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